Block Chain

Gray Matrix has capabilities and experience needed to create the most complex and innovative blockchain based solutions from scratch and successfully integrate them with any business processes. Whether a business a cutting-edge blockchain startup or a forward-thinking enterprise, our dedicated teams are here to help lead your business into the future.

Blockchain technologies have the power to transform business. Its distributed ledger technology means we will see a global, open, system of record for every transaction we make, while providing us with unparalleled control. This will fundamentally change our lives in the coming years. Blockchain will lead to enterprises creating new business models. These new business models will be based on peer-to-peer exchange, on a blockchain network.

Blockchain Technology Consulting

We help businesses to gauge and implement blockchain technology for their process, providing keen consultation, figuring out revenue generating options.

ICO Technology Support

We offer the full cycle of the technical support and consultancy services for your ICO, including token development, infrastructure architecture design and maintenance, smart contracts implementation, and wallet development.

DApp Development

We let you follow a decentralized apps as they connect users and providers directly. They are not controlled by a single entity, which makes them extremely safe. We handle DApp development from whitepaper, design, blockchain integration and beyond.

Smart Contracts Applications

Smart contracts are used to automate financial processes and execution of operations transparently without the need for a middleman. We are experts in such development, audit, and optimization of smart contracts to save your business’ millions of dollars.

Public & Private Blockchain

For bigger community in loop, go for a public blockchain network to leverage technical literature for longer. We can set up a private blockchain and create secure decentralized databases to help businesses store data, manage supply chains or handle transactions without jeopardizing privacy.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

We configure blockchain wallets for smooth buying & selling of cryptocurrencies and being integrated with a technologically enhanced wallet for other transactions. We develop secure wallets that support MultiSig or integrate with hardware wallets that allow users to store their coins conveniently.

Tools & Technologies

We’re developing your projects smart & fast with smarter technology in the process!








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